DAGUERREOTYPE Architectural Gallery

 by John Hurlock


Galena Main street 8 April 2010









Galena from Grant Park 8 April 2010


Eifel Tower looking East







Eifel Tower looking North









 John Coffer's Cabin, Dundee, NY


Graue Mill (1852) Oak Brook, Illinois







Abraham Lincoln's House, Springfield Illinois

Old Illinois State Capitol Building, Springfield








Steeple Building (1854), Bishop Hill, Illinois







Administration  Building (1856), Bishop Hill, Illinois









Mormon Temple (2005),Nauvoo,Illinois







Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago, Ill

Earth Day  23 April 2007








Pritzker Pavillion April 20, 2008







Jack and the Bean stalk April 20 2008





Cloud Gate April  20, 2008


Crown Fountain, 12 July 2009


Chicago Skyline Sears Tower, 30-December, 1998




Heber C Kimball Home, Nauvoo, Illinois




Browning Gunsmith Shop, Nauvoo, Illinois












Joseph Smiths Red Brick Store Nauvoo Illinois 1841








Seventies Hall, Nauvoo Illinois 1844















Pittsburgh PA 16 November, 2006